In the Midst of things

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


the most relaxing thing about my day comes not from anyone it comes from playing video games. it is almost an escape from the pressures of class and tests. it does the thinking for you while you just simply press buttons. i get lost in video games to point where i played them, one summer, for 12 hours. what a waste of time right? no it was a relaxing time. this is the video game generation. i could play them until i couldn't move anymore.

simple is better

the piece of technology that i have used the most in my days as a college student has been a recorder. i can record all of my lectures and not miss a thing. with all the new advancements in technology and all the new innovations it seems the most useful tools are still the simplest ones. until there is something better the recorder will always be the best tool to have with you while you are in class.